Around the World in 80 Meals: South India

Inspired by the fictional story of Phileas Fogg and his wager to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days; our care team have set themselves a similar challenge. The wager in this case is that each team member must put forward and prepare a world inspired dish for Residents and Staff every week: anyone who fails to complete this challenge in one of the 52 weeks will have a forfeit to pay.

In the Jules Verne classic story, Fogg makes a wager of £20,000 (£2 million in 2017) with members of London's Reform Club that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days or less. Fortunately the forfeit is not £20,000! - Just honour, pride and a round of xmas drinks is at stake!

On Saturday 8th, Milton stepped up to the plate to prepare his home cooked recipes from South India for Residents and Staff. On the menu:

Slow cooked chicken curry

Lamb tikka samoosas

Easy mango chutney nan breads

Gujarati cabbage with coconut potatoes

Sheat's malai kulfi

The evening was a great success with a lot of cold water and cold soft drinks consumed to counter some of the spicy dishes!!

Thank you Milton and you are now safe from the challenge be continued

Authentic South Indian Food

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